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Giant Buzzer


Giant Buzzer


Retro Fun For All

Diamond Fun Casino have recently added a Giant Buzzer to help your party or special event be even more wacky and fun. Remember the electric buzzer wire we had so much fun playing as children at the fair, trying to negotiate a circular wand along a wiggly length of wire without touching it to make the buzzer sound? Our Giant Buzzer is like this but on a BIG scale. Our 10 foot long Giant Buzzer will be a huge hit at your event for adults and big kids alike. Using the hand held giant wand you and your guests need to move along without sounding the buzzer by touching the wire.

Beat The Clock For Prizes

Each attempt will be timed by our Buzzer Attendant and you can award prizes for the one who achieves the fastest time to the end. For those with a cruel streak you could also forfeit those who fail the quickest, use your imagination for the penalty! Team building events would also benefit from hiring our Giant Buzzer, our Buzzer Attendant will record team timings and notify you of the winning team at the close of the event. Our Giant Buzzer is available to hire for any event, birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and more. The Giant Buzzer specifications are 10ft long x 2ft deep x 4ft high and requires an operational area of 13ft x 8ft.